Monday, January 10, 2011

Top Hip Hop Producers of the past decade

This my list of my favorite Hip Hop producers how have had their stardom in the past 10 years
Just Blaze: I can remember hearing the dynasty album while the raps are decent I’ll say above average the highlight of the album is the production. This were just blaze really stuck out me on the intro to the album (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByrHJ09wKQg) the drums, the speeded up sample, Stick 2 the Script it was his coming out party. Of course later on in the decade he did the blueprint which he had produced girls, girls, girls, U Don’t Know, song cry, and lyrical exercise which along with song cry my favorite beats on the album.

Oddisee: I got hip to him on the net dudes very creative uses live instruments or samples .

Oddisee Everything Changed nothing

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9th Wonder:I still can remember hear him on the black album after reading about him and little brother in the source,xxl and thinking all this hype I did'nt think he was nothing special but i can remember finally breakin down and listening to the listening. At first I thought it was alright till I "whatever you say" it blew my mind I kept listening to it over and over again then after that the yoyo and Shorty on the lookout and you start to understand dudes dope
Then heard this joint by buckshot ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5X9Qd0vplZs)one my favorite period

The alchemist
Got exposed to him on Mobb deep album "Murda Muzik"
For past 10 years he done some the dopest joints
Cnn Bang bang,Prodigy Keep It thoro,Prodigy stuck on you,Jadakiss we gon make it,Evidence Chase The Clouds Away,


Kanye West

Did beanie Sigel the truth, But I really started feeling him on the Dynasty album He Did "It can't Be Life" which Samples Harold Melvin’s "I miss you"
Blew my mind first time I heard it. "The Late registration". production wise is genius. To me it's amazing that  he knew  Jon brion was the  guy he wanted to arrange the strings.oh yeay don't forget "get by" by talib kweli


Just the joints he did on the jaylib album would put him up here.but he did stuff for wildchild,de la ,soul,etc
plus the beat konducta tapes.

Kev Brown

It's funny i put him up here even thought all i really heard from is one album.That tells you how much music i've been listening to.it also tells how good that album is . "I do What I do" my joint was "say something"

Black Milk

My favorite producer over the last ten years got introduced to him through some Slum Village instrumenals i had downloaded i was just getting into Jaydee  And it had this joint Reunion i had never heard the song
it did'nt say jaydee it was produced by black milk i listen to it it blew my mind very simlar to stuff jaydee does so i started searching on the net for black milk came up with his album popular demand as soon as the intro came on i was like where has this been .at the time very disappoint with the rap thats was being play on the radio.It was like music to me ears literally.

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