Tuesday, July 12, 2011

c/razy Interview

c/razy is local producer I heard on  the internet through had an interesting sound he's From Raleigh, North Carolina and seems to have a real passion for music.So decide to get quick Q@A

1. Where are you from originally?
Queens, New York
2. What are your first memories of music?
My dad was a dj, music always been with me

3. What are first memories of rap music?
Rob base, mc milk, lol an my dad an those basement parties
4. When did you know you want to make rap music?
First year of high school, hats when rap took over me.
5. What were the first songs you produced?
Of course it was one of my songs, called welcome to Raleigh, off old mix tape "operation get money"
6. What other genres are you interested in other then rap music
I like all music, I believe most producers are like that.music is gonna be music.whether its beatboxing or techno.you smell me
7. What are favorite albums from these other genres and why?
Way too many to name
8. What are your favorite artist from these genres and why?
Queen, Stevie nicks, Chicago, Marvin Gaye, incubus, Paul Simon, Michael Jackson, Sade. To me they thought out of the box, and either had a dope voice or dope musicians.
9. Do you think lyricism is better rap or in other music such as Soul, Rock, etc:
Its, all feeling and emotion. I think it’s harder to come up with a rap , can’t say it's better because no matter the genre a songwriter is a songwriter Paul Simon was a beast
10. I see you produce what interested you in this aspect of rap music
 Black jeruz was my mentor.watched him then went home a practiced.lol an he Most Likely   Don't even know it.
11. What equipment you use
Right now fruityloops9, protools, alesis q25, mpd16, and a Roland d-20

12. Why you choose to you use this equipment
For one the cost.and i learned it's not what you use, it’s the sounds you own. So I stacked up on my sounds instead of equipment.saves dollars and makes sense.
13. To do it matter what equipment you have
Not to me, if I use a spoon and a beer can to make a beat and it’s hot I’m going to run with it. I will say the programs and effects make the difference.
14. Do you sample and why
Yes. some of my hottest beats are samples, can’t really say why, but if I hear something I like my brain makes a beat almost instantly...chop it an smash it
15.  Do think rap music is
Better when artist produce and raps
For me it helps, it makes it easier. But I like when artist come together.best of both worlds
16. Who are some your rap influences
Deniro of skull gang, young bladz of so fly ent, gavrillo garvey and t.eddison of cap city ent ...don't know em' use google
17. Who are some your production influences
black jeruz,sunrise,9th wonder,illphil,zeikbeatz..too many to name all nc producers tho
18. What are some your favorite rap verses
ok sorry this question almost made my head bust open,wow too much passin threw my brain, get back to you on that one
19. What are some your favorite beats
 triumph,imma huslter, too many anything high energy
20. Top 5 producers
 swizz,lex luger,alchemist,arabmuzik,ryan leslie

  21. Top 5 Rappers
styles p, jayz,drake,wayne,lloyd banks
22. Top 5 artist
23.Who are some your favorite artist to sample and why?
i sample what feels rite there is no particular person i search for...
24.What type of rap producer are you(southern,east coast,underground) and why do you chose this style
 well i try to do it all,from up north but live down south so im mixed...cant really do tha backpackish underground ish not my lane...respect it tho
25. any other thing you want people to know about you and your music?
 yeah, that this is really all i have now..so get ready and watch me kick into high gear, just found myself so the music making process is more fun than work. come check me and my team out
26. What do you feel About All the Violence, sex, and materialism in rap music and where do you think rap is headed
 If that what these artist feel like talking about.go ahead...violence,sex are everywhere and almost everybody walking is materialistic so... raps cool goin steady not sure where it's headed tho
27. Do you feel as If Today rap artist are honest about there feeling
There are some artist that make you feel where they coming from but for the most part no.j cole,drake, jaye are sum i can actually tell have thoughts an emotions
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