Monday, January 3, 2011

Old Review

here a old review of my beats When Iwas Going By the Name Fatdan

A vocal sample figures prominently in Fatdan's "Surprise" but he takes it further than do many of his bedroom-beat peers. The track sounds vocoded, and the beats jerks forward with the informed hesitance of something slowly, purposefully, coming up to speed. The way that vocal sample and beat work in lockstep, leaving these brief, vacuum-like pauses, is Fatdan's trademark. And when the chorus on "Surprise" kicks in, it uses an ever more slender slice of that vocal sample, whipping it into a taut frenzy like a paddle ball with an especially short string. Also recommended are "Mee," which is so slow you can hear the samples slowly tearing apart, and "Captain," which uses a scraping texture to offset its watery rhythm (post at cratekings.com; "Captain" file at zshare.net, "Mee" file at zshare.net, "Surprise" file at zshare.net). Fatdan has one of the most fully formed and truly unique production styles on the cratekings.com forums, and these three tracks are worth a close




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