Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Writeing my Frist mixtape/album

the process of writing this album has been difficult .For one because of finding a studio or studio time thats affordable has been har.the whole writing process has took alot of time with me losing a notebook i had which contain around 6 songs for the album along with me loseing a ipod that had beats i wanted to write to .the album is going to be very different the topic i want to cover are state of black america, the way i think media trys to force people to rush into sex,my personal happiness,respecting women,love falling in love,rejection,my struggle in becoming a man i want the record to say things i wish other rappers would say which olny reason i'm doing the album is because i feel like these subject don't get touch on enough to me whole entire album going to be very creative out the box for a hip hop release or society today .alot sense rap try'n to get people to wise up the beats for the blum i 'm picking from varioous beattapes from ayatollah,apollo brown,9th wonder,midi marc,jlaine,mablib,etc soulful type of production is what i'm aiming for

in meanwhile i recorded a few tracks for fun at a computer lab

you can catch them here

You : which is love song a wrote to another beat but decide to recorded to this one a different type of joint takeing about lady that has some self respect plus a needful song in our sexed up culture