Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The making of reasonable doubt

About 6 years I thought it was one of the best rap albums I’ve heard but as I’ve gotten older I don’t feel the same about the album maybe it’s the violence or whole drug dealer thing .as time goes by production tends to date it's self. To me doesn’t real have a good flow from track to track I' remember about 9 years asking somebody about the blueprint they said that it was his best album I look at like he was crazy but you know he most likely telling the truth .reasonable doubt is flawed but you still can hear the hunger the grittiness even thought he put "aint no nigga" up there the stories on album real vivid some much some would believe there true .How he builds the character throughout the album likes it all together.

Can't knock the hustle

Scheme on the ice, I gotta hot your crew
I gotta, let you niggaz know the time like Movado
My motto, stack rocks like Colorado
Auto off the champagne, Cristal's by the bottle
It's a damn shame what you're not though (who?) Me
Slick like a gato, fuckin Jay-Z
My pops knew exactly what he did when he made me
Tried to get a nut and he got a nut and what
Straight bananas; can a nigga, see me?
Got the US Open, advantage Jigga
Serve like Sampras, play fake a rappers like a campus
Le Tigre, son you're too eager
You ain't havin it? Good, me either
Let's, get together and make this whole world believe us huh?
At my arraignment, screamin
all us blacks got is sports and entertainment, until we even
Thievin, as long as I'm breathin
Can't knock the way a nigga eatin - fuck you even!

Poltics As usual

You feel my triumph never, feel my pain I'm lyin
Low in the leather Zion, the best that's ever came
The game changes like, my mind just ain't right
We 'gwan get this dough, I guess it ain't your night
Suckin me in like a vacumn, I remember
tellin my family I'll be back soon, that was December
Eighty-five and, Jay-Z rise ten years later
got me wise still can't break my underworld ties
I wear black a lot, in the Ac', act a lot
Got matchin VCR's, a huge Magnavox
to nitch, green like spinach pop wines that's vintage
It's a lot of big money in my sentence
Hittin towards a mil', lip a, written I kill like that
chick faked me one-two cat, yeah, I do dat
Ain't no stoppin the champagne from poppin
the drawers from droppin, the law from watchin, I hate em

deep emtional album could did with out few tracks anint no nigga,cashmere thoughts,22 twos,

me personal album stuck little closer to its concept but still dope album .thats has real atomosphere to it.But does'nt compare with illmatic,midnight maruader,low end theory,etc

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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