Thursday, June 9, 2011

Strange Fruit Project

By now your most Likely fimlar with the producer s1 who produce the song power for kanye west The group strange fruit project got introduce try'n to find some postive rap with southern senseabilties sort of like outkast for years i had heard the little brother comparsions about the group .Me being me i waited and slept on the group till one day i came across one pof there songs on youtube and really enjoyed it was'nt the sound i excepted the beats instead being like 9th wonder they were very jdilla influnced.After enjoying the songs on youtube and preview there albums on Napster i decide to download there frist three albums .The things i discovered about this group is the lyrics are very postive ,spritual type rap thats what knits the rappers together s1 (christian)myone(polytheisis)myth(5% nation of gods and earth) and interesting thing how they come from all different relgious backgrounds and they can coexist in harmony.Lyrics as group there decent rappers i would say none of them are above average except myone there music is mostly vibe music simlar to slum village .Illmind is frequent collabator with the group usual to me drops the best beats on there album there best album to me is soul traveling but all there albums are worth downloading so check out The Strange Fruit Project.